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 Thank you for your friendly and professional carpet cleaning service. We've never had another company's carpet service that compares to the splendid job that you provided in our home and office. We couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Gail Molyneaux of Molyneaux Photographics, Columbus MT

Carpet Cleaning

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Process

Our factory trained technicians will arrive on time and consult with you about your particular carpet needs, stains and concerns.

Furniture and household items are moved and secured.

A technician will thoroughly pre-vacuum your entire carpet; including edging around baseboards, and unmovable items, and under beds.

While one technician sets up the equipment, the other will apply the necessary carpet pretreatment sprays to treat excessive soiling and/or pet odors and stains in your carpet.

All heavy equipment remains outside in the service van. Just the hose and cleaning head are in your home, thus eliminating the danger of damage to furnishings and the possibility of spilling water.

Our technicians are trained to use a cleaning technique that will thoroughly clean your carpet, but also leave it as dry as possible. We proudly boast a 95% water recovery rate from the carpet with the teaming of our cleaning system and hands on techniques. PLUS, our cleaning solutions are residue free!

While in your home, we can clean your stairs, furniture and throw rugs. We can move the furniture and clean the entire room, wall to wall, or just simply clean the pathways around your hard to move items.

Now, when all is clean, our technicians will apply carpet protector if you have requested it. We proudly offer, Sta- Clene and Teflon products on our vans.

The clean carpet is then raked to fluff the carpet fibers. All items that may cause damage are then replaced and blocked up off of the carpet.

Our operators leave nothing in your home but a new looking carpet and a clean fresh indoor environment!

Alpine Carpet Cleaning Products

Alpine Carpet Cleaning uses the Bane - Clene system. This process is recognized by OVER 50 leading carpet manufacturers as a safe, efficient, and thorough method of maintaining all carpet fibers, including WOOL.

The Bane-Clene system is regulated to have the complementary mix of PSI and vacuum lift to deep clean your carpet without wetting the backing and leaving the carpet overly wet.

We use mild and safe detergents augmented with our special water softening treatments to insure a deep clean with no residues left behind.

Microban CCS: This EPA registered product contains an exclusive biocidal agent directed at odor- causing bacteria and fungi. Now available for residential settings, this product is actually used as the cleaning agent in your home. By eliminating bacteria, odors are also eliminated, leaving a new home freshness that is second to none. This product does cost slightly more; however, it will be well worth it knowing you have the cleanest carpets possible.

PreFace Pre Spray: A mild yet effective pretreatment that gently begins to emulsify soils and oils embedded in your carpet fibers.

TLS 1000: A commercial grade traffic lane pre spray that acts more aggressively on heavy traffic soils including oils, street grime and grease.

Sta-Clene 940 Carpet Protector: This revolutionary product protects carpet, furniture, stone floors and grout. It repels dust, dry soil, water-based liquids, and even oily substances. It is crystal clear and will provide an invisible shield against wear and spills. Best of all, this protector remains flexible on the fibers, this ability helps to provide a protective barrier without breaking as the fibers of your carpet and upholstery bend with your busy life. It is a non- water based product and therefore does not extend drying times like other national brands.

Bane-Clene certified professionals have a specially formulated spot removal solutions and techniques for: BLOOD, RUST, and RED FOOD DYES AND OTHER DIFFICULT STAINS.

We also have special treatments for pet stains and odors. Consult with an Alpine technician for what is best for you person carpet care needs.

Drying time for your carpets

The most frequently asked question we get is: How long will it take my carpet to dry?

We generally state on average between 2 and 8 hours depending on the interior ventilation and the outside humidity levels.

Please note that we can also FLASH DRY a room for you if you need to be in that room sooner than the expected drying time.

By using our revolutionary carpet protector STA-CLENE 940, we can protect your carpets from future soil and wear and NOT increase drying time as with other water based products.

How do you assure a quicker drying time?

  • Be sure the room is well ventilated as air must move over the surface of the carpet to assure speedy drying
  • The best drying temperature is between 72 and 78 degrees F.
  • Lowering the interior humidity by means of a dehumidifier or air conditioner will aid in drying
  • A portable fan, furnace blower or air conditioner fan will also help circulate the interior air for faster drying
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