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 Alpine Carpet took on a big job cleaning the carpets of our two-story church building a year ago. They removed several tough stains by going "above and beyond" the call of duty. We witnessed first-hand Lee Ann's commitment to the job - she would settle for nothing less than great results! Alpine will continue to clean our carpets on a regular basis. We appreciate their willingness to individualize a cleaning schedule which meets our needs. They have proven to be reliable and professional. Thank you, Alpine Carpet!

Absarokee Evangelical Church @, Absarokee, Montana


Once again our factory Alpine Carpet Cleaning trained technicians will arrive promptly at your home or office.

Selected furniture is placed on slides and then moved on to protective padding blankets. These blankets help to protect your hard surface floors from any damage from movement, water overspray or sprayed on cleaning aides.

Furniture is then thoroughly examined for extensive wear and or soiling. We also check the manufacturer's tags to double check that the fabric is cleanable.

The piece is then vacuumed and pre-treated with our soil emulsifying pre spray.

Technicians will then proceed to carefully clean the entire piece of furniture. They will carefully avoid any wooden or metal structures and wipe any overspray during the process.

Once each piece is cleaned with our hot water extraction system, it is then treated with BROWN OUT®, a product designed to reduce and eliminate water marking of upholstery fabric. This is followed with a complete toweling and nap brushing.

Lastly, each piece is treated with our protectant, STA-CLENE 940®. This is applied at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!



Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only.


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